Unity VR scenes

Intro to Unity was an exciting class, we learnt new techniques such as adding terrain, lights, objects and textures to the scenes. I created this space from my recurring dreams where I see myself in the middle of a desert with a beautiful night sky. There are huge chess pieces carved into rocks, all in a formation that looks like it is an ongoing game in an extremely slow pace. As if time is frozen while the pieces are deciding their next moves. As if I have this magical ability to pause the things around me, walk around leisurely, and take a look at all those giant pieces.


I worked on another scene to practice these tools and try some more like particle systems and flickering lights. This scene has an old castle wall constructed in the middle of snow-clad hills with some light and smoke behind the wall. I am can’t wait to experience this one on Cardboard, perhaps with ambient sound, as the light and smoke might create areas of attraction in this space.


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