Thoughts on Pcomp final project

I thought of a few directions for Pcomp final project. These directions are more like dos and don’ts I wish to sincerely adhere to, than the full-fledged concepts:

1. The final appearance needs to be super-refined. As Jonathan Ive describes good design in the documentary film Objectified, “…of course it’s that way, why would it be any other way?” Well, I wish to achieve this level for all my further projects 🙂
2. I want to make something that is thought provoking and conceptually very strong, rather than a ‘technologically complex and therefore appealing’ project. For example I will like to put in a substantial amount of research, user testing, and interface revisions and take forward the cigarette health damages project.
Next, I though of a few ideas that I find compelling:
1. An interactive data visualization with tangible media.
It was quite fascinating to look at on-screen interactive data visualizations on flowingdata. Data viz is an increasingly popular trend on the web these days as it presents a more efficient way to convey information. It can be implemented in form of an interactive installation that talks about some strong message.
2. Deceptive everyday devices
How would users react to something that looks extremely ordinary by virtue of its appearance – so much so that it is always overlooked – but renders an entirely surprising yet delightful experience when used? For example a computer mouse that looks like a computer mouse, but when used, works as a musical instrument instead of a pointing device. Caveat: This device might succeed as a work of art rather than a design project!

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