Prototype: Cultural Jamming

I know four languages (I plan to learn more!), and it is fascinating to see that sometimes the phonetics and words used to describe an object are surprisingly similar, even though the languages are spoken in entirely different geographical regions. When I listen to a language that I don’t understand, I tend to associate some sort of a meaning with the words. It is usually based on how hard or soft a word sounds, and the process is mostly involuntary. Another observation is that I have an almost different personality based on what language I speak.

I have a rather complex proposal for a prototype that tries to merge two worlds speaking two different languages. A dishonest dictionary (fundamentally any system that maps two languages) that translates sentences from one language into another with grammatically correct form, but perhaps incorrect meaning. The user would not know if the translation is correct or not. It might lead to a realization that a language is much like a culture than a plain, impersonal set of syntactical rules and grammatical arrangements.

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