Pcomp final: hacking the air freshener (part 2)

Jen researched smell dispensers and found two products that could be hacked with arduino. We studied controlling DC and stepper motors in the class the day before, and we were able to apply it to smell dispenser 3V DC motor. We hacked the air freshener and used a modified LED blink program to trigger spritz after every three seconds:

Ultimately the trigger will be initiated based on the accuracy of user’s singing. There are still some problems that can be seen in this one:

  1. It makes a sharp sound when operated. This might disturb the user.
  2. The smell offered by this product is too strong and synthetic to be used in our project.

One thought on “Pcomp final: hacking the air freshener (part 2)”

  1. Sorry to hear this one won’t work but it’s good research. Did you look into heating an essential oil as an option? Look up Peltier Junctions, they may be your friends on this one.

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