Midterm Feedback

Midterm presentation was a great experience as it brought fresh perspectives from outside ITP and made me work on how to describe my project in just a few minutes.

I received good reviews for slides, visuals, narrowing down the topic to something more specific, measurable and doable, and project planning. This assured that I’m on right track, and motivated me to plan further things.

Criticism/ questions/ suggestions I received were around following areas:

  1. It doesn’t have to be a tech project- there’s a risk of building something non-tech and sprinkling interactivity over it.
  2. Audience: How does it change/ expand with further progress of the project? What would make people use this in their apartments? Will there be different layers for different users? What are you adding to the dialogue of current IoT solutions?
  3. Scale: How much food would you need to produce in it for it to be your primary source of food? Are systems like this actually feasible on large scale?
  4. In a range of problems from tiny ones to critical future challenges, what all does it solve? eg. overpopulation, depletion of resources, unstable weather systems
  5. Minor points: Slides can show a better representation of timeline and users (how user group expands with time)

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