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Commuting is a major struggle in overpopulated urban areas because of heavy traffic on roads and public transport. On the other hand carpooling has always promised that people can travel together at ease, and that it is absolutely wallet-friendly and eco-friendly. Carpooling recently became both a symbol and tool of fighting Global Warming as a number of businesses and startups initiated their revenue models around it. While interning in the Bay Area this summer, I actively participated and contributed to a few constructive carpool experiments such as Scoop, Uber Pool and Lyft Line, and that led to the idea of a concept app that offers automated carpool service. I’m planning to work on it in the motion design class this semester, called Emotions in Motion, instructed by incredibly talented Alon Chitayat.

As the first assignment for this class we’re asked to make a quick ~5 seconds GIF of the project idea. With a few free resources from videezy I made this GIF:


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  1. Hi Dhruv,

    Fantastic direction and sound pretty clear.
    “a concept app that offers automated carpool service.”
    Would you like to make a motion prototype of this app?

    After using Scoop, Uber Pool and Lyft Line – How would you like yours to be?

    I think the direction of the super heroes could be funny as a design direction.
    If your app was a person – how would you describe him/her by it’s emotions?

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