I planted the first batch of seeds on Thursday, Feb 16th. Most of the seeds are organic veggies from Home Depot, and there are a few Johnny Seeds organics that I borrowed from Stefani Bardin. I’m exploring spinach, lettuce, parsley and microgreens for this experiment.


Next I used grow pellets from Home Depot. These small discs are a convenient replacement to a pile of loose soil, and are designed for indoor seedlings.

I found a bunch of containers, each for a variety of plants.

Next I opened the netting, loosened the grow medium, and planted seeds in the pellets.

Finally, I watered and labelled the containers. There are four varieties: Organic spinach, lettuce, organic parsley, and microgreens. The microgreens have a harvest cycle of 10-12 days, and I’m planning not to use those for next phase. Other plants- spinach, lettuce and parsley- have a cycle of around 40 days, and I’m planning to build a hydroponic system and transfer these seedlings to it by February end.

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