Final Project Proposal

Viniyata and I are going to work on PComp final project that attempts to combine a singer’s audio input with olfactory feedback. Like western classical music, Indian classical music is based on compositions of eight notes from the ascending tonal octave. The final product/ system will create an environment that subtly syncs the olfactory response with the singer’s notes. It would work as a feedback system as well as a refreshing vibe that enhances the experiences.


Riyaz is a serious and intense component of the Indian classical music tradition: it is a rigorously exercised practice that demands commitment for years. Beginners, aspiring artists and even established singers regularly do Riyaz for a few hours a day. We envision our project to be a useful and sublime tool for such practice sessions.

We have following questions/ uncertainties about the concept, and we hope to resolve these in next class when we play-test the project with our classmates:

  1. When does the user anticipate a feedback? Does the system give a feedback on successful completion of full octave or for every successful note?
  2. What is the form factor? Is it a product that sits in front of the singer or is it an invisible, ubiquitous system in that room?
  3. Should it be combined with a Tanpura (an electronic device similar to metronome that creates an aural canvas for the reference)?
  4. How intense and how quick should the generation of smells be?

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