Online shoppong, trips to home depot and Canal plastics, and few days in the shop; and here’s the outcome: a greenhouse box.

First I made a drawing by taking into account all the dimensions, storage volumes, material quantity etc. I planned to make a compartment on left to house all the nutrients, electronic circuit, pumps etc.

I placed an order with estoconnecotrs and received aluminum members and connectors for the frame. These people were super helpful and they also cut to order.

The connectors and members were really easy to assemble with a mallet, without using any screws or bolts.

I first made the base frame, replicated the same for top face, and then constructed the whole box by joining together top and bottom faces with vertical members.

I tested this frame with the plants and light to make sure everything looks good.

Next, I cut a piece of ply for the base. This makes the box much heavier than what it was before.

I attached 8 rubber stoppers to the base. This prevents box from sliding, and will also allow me to vacuum-clean the space.

Then I mounted studs to join together the ply and frame:

Next step was cutting and mounting the wall panels. I used acrylic sheets, translucent white for computation and storage, and turquoise for the plants volume. Turquoise acrylic reduces the harsh purple light to soothing, slightly blue light.

Storage volume is divided into two compartments to utilize the available space.

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