Crown Heights Documentary

Gabe’s fantastic class ended today with presentation of the final videos. I, Eunjee and Esther worked on a short documentary that explores Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, NYC. The assignment went on for last two weeks and I learnt many new things including technical skills pertaining to video and sound, as well as religious beliefs, values, and some background of the Hasidic community.

Hasidism is a branch of orthodox Jewish faith. The last spiritual leader (Rabbi) was in this neighborhood and that is the reason why most people of Crown Heights community moved and chose to stay there. To me it was a wonderful experience to approach these people, listen to their stories, and attend the festival of Sukkoth that ended with a cheerful music performance and dance.

From the perspective of video and sound I learned a lot of new skills and software settings in Adobe Premiere Pro and Logic Pro X. I am sure these lifehacks will come to rescue while documenting my further projects at ITP!


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