Business Card

As the typographic representation and subsequent logo design came out really well to my satisfaction, i decided to use the same design for my business card. The first prototype included a horizontal (landscape) orientation with gray print on white paper. I tried making prototypes with wood sheets as well.


I am glad I could show these to Katherine and my batchmates. Although the card looked good to me as a composition, there were few plausible suggestions that I received from the class-

  1. The orientation can be changed to vertical (portrait) format.
  2. It might look good if the logo and the text on the back are aligned in some way.
  3. Back of the card has too much information. Perhaps it needs to be summed up in a fewer words.

I made new designs for the card and the results look better than the earlier ones:



Next, I used a psd template that allows one to create mock up stationary graphics:


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