4 axis mill


I am enjoying 3D CAD/CAM as I’m learning more and more tools from this class. I used Vectorworks to create a helix. SRP Player and VPanel were then used to enter dimensions, material details and bit details. I got a piece of delrin from Ben, I used metal  lathe to clean it up by facing the two ends. Facing also marked the center of the surface, and I used a little nail to make a dimple so that it fits on the tail of the mill.


The machine has many possible operations to offer, so the interface is somewhat complex. I had to be careful while setting x,y and z origins.


220 minutes! I opened the fall 2016 registration page and took a good look at the next semester courses 🙂 Vacuuming was necessary at a few steps as there was a lot of material being removed. I used the small vacuum cleaner from 3D printers space.


The profile looked really beautiful as it was being machined. Because of the small size of job and bit (1/8 inch), the changes were not immediately visible after each pass. The final piece looks like this:

thumb_IMG_7088_1024 thumb_IMG_7089_1024

I canceled the finishing pass before starting the job, and it still took over 3 hours for roughing. Roughing produced facets on the surface which look nice for this piece, but it will take more time to finish the surfaces for utilitarian parts that require precision.

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