Pcomp final: Handshake and Assembly

We all switched roles a lot of times when we were stuck/ got bored with the same nature of job. But we had the work divided among ourselves, and it helped in tracking the overall project progress and making sure that all the aspects are moving ahead as planned. So Viniyata worked on MAX/MSP code, Jen worked on fabrication, and I worked on Arduino and the arrangements of components inside the box.

To me the most interesting part in the process was handshakes of different components of the project. We worked separately on MAX and Arduino for a few days and merged the two together a couple of days before the final. Putting comments in the arduino code really helped- we could quickly identify the lines of code that needed modification because of the nature of signals exchanged between MAX and arduino. I and Jen had to closely work on the fabrication and assembly part, anticipating a few things in advance. Taking into account the overall size of the components combined with arduino, managing huge bunch of wires that connect things together, exact positioning of the spray bottles to match them with the outlets on the box, exact positioning of the physical buttons right below the flexible birch plywood surface, and provision for a bunch of cables running from the box to the laptop (where MAX played the role) were all important and enjoyable bits. Following are a few pictures of the assembly:

IMG_5068 IMG_5070


And here’s how the final product looks!



Final Project

We divided the final project into four compositions: The ball passes through Gears, a trebuchet, hops on pistons, and submerges into water.

I started working on the gears and the water animation. Jonnie worked on the trebuchet scene and we combined all the sequences together. Following is the final cut of the project:

I enjoyed working on after effects- it is a powerful software and a I am yet to explore a lot of tools. I particularly liked the effects such as particle systems, rainfall, blurring and assigning depths (z-values) to the assets. The animation course was a great starting point and I’m sure it will help me a lot in documenting and presenting my next projects at ITP.

Final Project: Sketches

I am working with Jonathan on the final animation. We brainstormed a bit on the theme for the animation, and we decided to make a series of compositions that involve mechanisms. We planned to make an animation that’s pleasant to watch because of the physics and mathematics involved in it.

The plot is a story of a ball moving from point A to point B through a series of mechanisms: Gears, a trebuchet, and a water pool. Here are a few sketches: