Hyper Headphones

Prompt: Creative application of microcontrollers and sensors
Class: Physical Computing Midterm, ITP, New York University
Duration: 3 Weeks

Team Size: Two
Role: Research, Ideation, Prototyping
Tools: Arduino, Javascript

Outcome: 250+ users enjoyed the delightful experience at an exhibition at NYU

These headphones respond when user tilts head to left, right, front and back. The left-right tilt maps linearly to the left and right audio channel panning while the front and back tilt changes the volume levels.illustration-0101 03

The idea occurred through a series of brainstorming sessions, followed by rapid prototyping and user testing. In its current state the project uses an accelerometer with an arduino pro mini board. The pan and volume effects are programmed with p5.js. The plan is to make a plug-and-play device that is independent of any softwares/ commands that a user must run as a prerequisite. This product is designed to foster a series of ‘audio puzzles’ – games that users can play using auditory cues. These audio puzzles would augment the reality through stereo sound alone.illustration2-01Following video shows the journey from initial sketchings to latest user testings.
[use stereo headphones for a better experience.]

The project was exhibited at Winter Show at ITP, New York University where hundreds of people enjoyed it!


In collaboration with Viniyata Pany.
Tools: Arduino and p5.js.