Civil Litigation UX

Goal: User experience design of cloud-based civil litigation management tool
Role: UX Designer at Globant, India

Team Size: Three (Myself, a team lead, and a visual designer)
Duration: 12 Weeks
Scope: User Interviews, Information Architecture, Navigation Flows, Wireframes, Visual Design
Tools: Apple Keynote, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Outcome: Over a million records and 10k+ matters were managed in the first year since launch. Platform saw 40% growth in incoming clients.

As a user experience designer I had the ownership of this cloud-based civil litigation tool that we designed and built for a New York based business. The process started with acquiring domain knowledge through a series of user research activities. Being a unique application catering to the needs of an extremely specific industry by combining merits of cloud-based management and improved user experience, the project demanded thorough understanding of the users’ daily activities. We focused on three key users from litigation landscape: Managing partners, Lead attorneys, and Paralegals.


User Activities: Goals/KPI, Daily Interactions, & Channels

Information Architecture

From persona study and understanding user activities, we defined key activities performed by these three users across the channels:

Next stage involved mapping of these activities to navigation flow.

Wireframes: Moving from Lo-fi to Annotated hi-fidelity mockups
lofi_dashboard.001 lofi_homepage.001

Visual Design



mockup2 mockup1

Outcomes of the design process

Within a year after first release from fall 2015 to fall 2016, the platform had over a million records and more than 10,000 matters. The organization not only successfully migrated all their existing clients to this new cloud-based platform, but also saw 40% growth in incoming clients. With small yet powerful features such as firm-level calendaring, proactive matter management with conflict checks, and firm-wide task allocation & tracking etc., users mentioned that the experience established a great amount of ease, trust and integrity.