Hello! I’m Dhruv.

I am a cross-disciplinary designer with a passion for exploring the ways design, technology and art can be united together to transform how people interact with one another and with their environments. I come from a rich educational, cultural and professional background which has supported me in designing disruptive and delightful experiences. These innovative explorations were recognized by various platforms that opened me the opportunities to various design and research roles in startups as well as established design teams. These 4+ years of roles in interaction design, design process, visual design and rapid prototyping make me an experienced young designer in the domains of UX, wearables and new media.

I believe in studying and practicing design as a discipline that will lead to a utopian world. Currently I am a Master’s candidate at Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch, NYU where I focus on learning new technologies and design tools to enhance my creative experience.

In addition to Adobe and Apple products I like calligraphy, origami, coffee, dogs and lathe machines.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. You may drop me an email at dhruv.damle@gmail.com.

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